17.-20. September 2024

17.-20. September 2024


Tuesday 17th of September

Afternoon session

Venue: Nordic Embassies in Berlin

Germany in a Nutshell presented by the Norwegian embassy: Politics, Business and Defense.

Evening programme

Venue: Il Kino, Neükölln

Aperitivo, talks and dinner

Why the Germans act as the grown ups of Europe; Lotta Lundberg, Author and correspondent for Svenska Dagbladet in Berlin.

Norway as an outsider of EU, what is at stake?

Former ambassador to Norway and Switzerland, Dr Axel Berg

Berlin´s rich film history; Author Torgrim Eggen.


Bus back to Leonardo hotel

Wednesday 18th September

Morning Session

Future visions for Europe

Future literacy is crucial in a Europe in sustainable transformation.

A deep dive into foresight as a strategic and operational tool. Meet Germany's leading academics and practitioners on foresight.
Learn from real cases that span from the federal government to the business sector.

You will among other meet: 

Sebastian Seidel, BW Consulting group, head of strategy and strategic foresight for the German armed forces.

Henning Riecke, Center for Strategic Foresight at BAKS who act as a think tank on foresight for the German public administration.

Afternoon session

New Order - New Geopolitics

Future visions and principles for transformation of the G20 countries.

Is there a need for a new business model for Germany and Europe? 

Talks and discussion by leading experts on geopolitics, trade agreement and industrial policy.

You will among others meet:

Tabea Lissner, Head of research at Global Solutions - A G20 think tank helping the state leaders to think radically about the future.

Julia Friedlander, Atlantik-Brücke, CEO, and specialist og geopolitical matters and trade agreements.

Evening programme

Dinner at Art Loft, Wedding

Dinner talk: Corporate responsibility in sustainable future: Wolfgang Oels, Ecosia.

Bus back to the hotel

Thursday 19th September

Morning Session

Venue: State Embassy (Landesvertretung) of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Introduction to Berlin as a center of business and politics. 

Democracy under Threat? – Elections in eastern Germany and outlook to the federal elections 2025.

Analysis of the elections in Saxony and Thuringia: How strong is the AfD?

Outlook federal elections 2025: Which direction is Germany going to take?

You will among others meet: 

Hendrik Hagemann, Managing Partner Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Germany.

Journalists, thought leaders and academics.

Afternoon session

Venue: The European Commission in Berlin

The Future of Europe

A new vision for Europe.

The Green Deal: A new paradigm shift for business.

You will among others meet:

Manica Hauptman, Head of Political Section at the European Commission's Representation in Germany.

Robert Gampfer, Head of Green Deal, at the European Commission's Representation in Germany.

Arne Müller, Manager for Cluster Decarbonisation in Industries (CDI).

Johannes Schroeten, senior political adviser, from Stiftung Klima Wirtschaft  - a nonprofit foundation who promote climate protection and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Evening programme

Venue: The Berlin Philharmonie

Dinner at the philharmonie.

Guided tour of the Berlin Philharmonic by solohornist Stefan Dohr.

Classical concert: Berliner Philharmoniker and Lahav Shani (conductor) and Alisa Weilerstein (cello).

Works by Sergei Prokofiev and Arnold Schoenberg.

Bus back to the hotel

Friday 20th September

Morning Session

Venue: Mëlia

A safe Europe 

How do safety relates to energy and climate?

Cyber security

The yearly defence conversation between Germany, Norway and the US. You will among others need:

Bjørn Gaute Herlyng, political strategiskt at Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

Dr. Patrick Keller, Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie.

Facilitated wrap up session: Learning points 2024.

Lunch at Mëlia